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Customer Testimonials

Lord Sno
"Thank you mommy for taking me to Dogie Dental!  I noticed that my breath was smelling pretty bad.  I don't have hands so I can't brush my teeth like you do.  After that nice lady at Dogie Dental cleaned by teeth my gums felt better too!" 
My Lord Sno is a very happy dog now!  The bad breath is gone, his gums look great, his somewhat loose teeth have tightened up.  I also am very pleased to see that his gingivitis is gone.  Dogie Dental will be seeing him regularly from now on!  Lord Sno is 12 years old and has never been under anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned.  Cynthia - Dania Beach FL
I really didn't have the time nor inclination to effectively clean my Yorkie's teeth.  Thank goodness I found Dogie Dental.  Their affordable and healthy alternative to pet oral hygiene is a great service.  Now Sadie seems to eat better now that all that nasty bacteria is gone.   I'm a satisfied customer and would recommend the service to anyone.
Nancy - Naples, FL

Wow is all I can say!  My Shih Tzu Ruffles looks 100% better after visiting Dogie Dental the other day.  I was concerned about putting this 11 year old boy under full anesthesia just to clean his teeth.  I learned a lot about good canine oral hygiene from the Vet Tech who did the procedure.  
Tom - Naples FL
Bow, wow!  My teeth feel great! Thanks Ms Amy for that great cleaning!

I was concerned about putting my small dog under Anesthesia for a long overdue teeth cleaning.  Bella was a little nervous at first, but soon she relaxed and in a jiffy it was over and her teeth sparkled!  I'll be a regular from now on.  Sam - Deerfield Beach, FL